Tigers in Alberta? Sounds kind of fishy!


What do you get when you cross a female brown trout and a male brook trout?

If you guessed tiger trout, you’re right!

We asked, and you told us Alberta.

A total of nine water bodies were selected as candidate waters for initial stocking trials of tiger trout. These waters were further assessed during the summer of 2015 for both biological and social acceptability of stocking tiger trout.

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Don’t go out with a bang – watch for wildlife

November is the peak month for vehicle collisions across Alberta – including those with wildlife. In 2014, there was an average of 31 wildlife vehicle collisions in our province each day!

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Alberta’s Happy Hibernators: Amphibians

This is part three of a six part series on hibernators. You can find the first two parts on bears and bats here.

They’re older than dinosaurs – that could explain why they would rather sleep the Alberta winters away. All other vertebrates on Earth owe their existence to them, they are amphibians and our province is home to nine amphibian species.


Long-toed Salamander

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Safe burning is always in season

HighLevel_ComplexFires-3845Another fire season has come to an end, bringing with it cooler temperatures, shorter days, and even the dreaded S-word: snow.

It might surprise you, but these things don’t mean wildfires won’t start. In fact, those crunchy leaves kids like to jump in? They’re perfect fuel for a wildfire, helping it to spread quickly through dry grass and autumn debris.

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Alberta’s Happy Hibernators: Bats

This is part two of a six part series on hibernators. You can read part one here.

What do bats do in the winter? Do they hang out with Dracula and his friends or plot how to best get tangled in your hair come spring? In Alberta, of our nine bat species, six hibernate:

Eastern red bat

Eastern red bat

and three migrate south to warmer locations:

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Trim that waste – recycle!

bottle caps

It’s Waste Reduction Week Alberta! For the province’s regulated recycling programs – there’s nothing they like more than trash talk.

In Alberta, we have regulated recycling programs for paint, some electronics, tires, used oil materials, and beverage containers. Continue reading

Alberta’s Happy Hibernators: Bears

This is part one of a six part series on hibernators.

We can all see the signs. Leaves changing colour, crop harvest, frost on the windshield…whether you love it or hate it – winter is on its way.

As people, we have a few ways of dealing with the drop in temperature, snow and wind. Animals also have different ways of coping. Some animals brave the elements, others leave town and some sleep the season away, likely dreaming of fun in the sun.


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Thank you Alberta Parks Volunteers!

The Alberta Parks Volunteer Conference brought together a sampling of the dedicated people who happily greet guests, help maintain parks, conduct science, coordinate special events, and so much more in our vast provincial parks system.

Held in Wetaskiwin September 25-27, attendees were provided a three-day conference that included a full slate of activities and events, including celebrating the history of Alberta Parks at Reynolds-Alberta Museum during Alberta Culture Days, an archaeology tour of Calhoun Bay Provincial Recreation Area, exploring expansion opportunities at Peaceful Valley Provincial Recreation Area and Day Use Lodge, and learning about lake and fisheries management at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park along with yurt camping and traditional First Nations use of the animals and fish that exist in the area. Continue reading

Alberta Wildland Firefighting Adventures – Ending Fire Season on a High Note

The Edson Unit Crew just wrapped up our most memorable experience of the fire season where we went down to Idaho to assist with the wildfires burning in the state. It was definitely the highlight! After having our southern neighbours up earlier this summer to help with Alberta’s wildfires it was great to return the favour. Continue reading

These Species at Risk May Flora You

Many of us are familiar with Alberta’s species at risk – from the peregrine falcon to the whooping crane, the swift fox to the woodland caribou and more. These animals are often featured in news stories, school curriculums and more.

But species at risk aren’t just animals. In Alberta, there are 10 plant species that are at risk – plants like the endangered Porsild’s byrum, seen here – in Alberta, this moss can only be found in the Rocky Mountains. This moss and other mosses like it, play a key role in our ecosystem. Continue reading