Berry Creek salvage fishery starts October 23

Anglers, grab your poles and head out to Berry Creek (Carolside) Reservoir in southeast Alberta for a special fish harvest.

A reservoir control gate has malfunctioned causing a significant drop to the water level of the irrigation lake and popular fishing hole.    

At these low levels, the fish stock will not have enough oxygen under the ice to survive the winter.

Anglers are able to harvest these fish before they are lost during a salvage fishery starting October 23.  Fish species include northern pike, yellow perch, walleye, white sucker, longnose sucker and minnow.

WalleyeA salvage fishery license can be purchased at any Fish and Wildlife office for $5, plus GST – free for seniors over 65.

While the salvage fishery is open to all Canadian residents over 16, we ask anglers to respect conditions and restrictions, including allowable fishing methods and a prohibition against selling any fish caught. 

For more information, or to obtain a license, contact your nearest Fish and Wildife Office:

  • Brooks: 403-362-1232
  • Coronation: 403-578-3223 (Tue., Wed., every other Thurs)
  • Drumheller: 403-823-1670
  • Hanna: 402-854-5540 (Tue., Wed., every other Thurs) Closed in October
  • Oyen: 403-664-3614 (Tue., Wed., every other Thurs.,)

A temporary coffer dam has been constructed to hold back the remaining water while crews continue working to repair the gate.  It is not known how long it will take to restore normal water levels or recreational fishing in the reservoir.  Officials are working with partners, including Environment Canada and the Department of Fish and Oceans, to develop a management plan for 2013 operations.  

Visit for more information. 

Map of Carolside / Berry Creek

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