Roadmap directs future of forestry

Photo of Minister McQueen speaking at the podium.

Minister McQueen gives opening remarks.

Alberta is changing the way forestry does business in North America.

At the Growing the North economic conference in Grande Prairie last month, Minister Diana McQueen spoke of the success of Alberta’s Forest Products Roadmap – and the impact it is already making to postively reshape our forestry sector.

The Roadmap – launched in 2011 – is a collaborative effort between government and the forestry industry to take action on environmental performance, social acceptance and leadership in economic competitiveness.

Growth, diversification, and a commitment to being Alberta’s greenest manufacturing industry are key factors that will ensure our forestry sector remains resilient and forward-thinking to adapt to changing markets.

Photo of Dave Cook, Minister McQueen, Anne Giardini and Craig Armstrong.

(l-r) Panel moderator Dave Cook with Minister Diana McQueen, Anne
Giardini of Weyerhaeuser, and
Craig Armstrong of Millar Western.

Using extensive research – including tapping into Alberta’s applied research and innovation community – we are seizing opportunities by:

  • diversifying global markets;
  • maintaining healthy, sustainable forests;
  • managing mountain pine beetle infestations;
  • investing in innovation, including projects to convert waste products from biogas;
  • developing new products and services to meet demand for green products; and
  • creating partnerships to address labour challenges.

“The strength of the Roadmap is the spirit of co-operation that has all parties in agreement on strategies and outcomes,” said McQueen at the conference. “Everyone is committed to working together to make this successful.”

You can learn more about the Alberta Forest Products Roadmap and action plans by visiting

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