Anglers asked to remove Ice Huts

Photo of an abandoned ice hut on Sylvan Lake

An ice hut left floating on Sylvan Lake

March 31 deadline

Spring has officially arrived and that means the end of ice-fishing season.

But before Alberta’s anglers start swapping out augers for fishing boats, there’s an important task to complete before the ice melts – remove all ice huts and belongings from the lake before March 31.

Photo of crews removing a converted camper

Crews removing a converted camper

Ice huts are temporary structures ranging from wooden sheds to converted holiday trailers that are used to protect anglers from the elements during long hours on the lake.

Abandoned huts and associated debris like wood, gasoline, furniture, plastic and metal can pollute our environment if left to settle or float in the lake after the ice melts. The garbage creates dangerous hazards for boaters and swimmers, washes up on shorelines, impacts water quality, and contaminates fish and waterfowl habitats.

Photo of debris left from an abandoned ice hut.

Debris frozen into the ice.

Removing abandoned huts after spring melt can be a dangerous job for those left to clean up the mess. It can also be a costly endeavour if a specialized team with floatation equipment is needed to pull the structures out of the lakes for disposal.

So please, respect our lakes. If you spot an abandoned hut on the lake after March 31, report it by calling the 24-hour Environmental Hotline at 1-800-222-6514.

By doing your part to keep our lakes clean, we can all continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

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