AUMA honoured on World Water Day

Today is World Water Day.  It’s been 20 years since the United Nations first declared March 22 as an international day to raise awareness of water issues and the sustainable management of our freshwater resources through events and initiatives.

As people around the globe join the festivities, one group of Albertans has an extra reason to celebrate.  The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) is our province’s recipient of the inaugural Excellence in Water Stewardship Award, recognizing their achievements in stewardship and conservation.

The Council of Federations for Water Stewardship – a committee of all 13 provinces and territories – established this award to honour groups or individuals who have successfully demonstrated the Canada Water Charter Principles of excellence, leadership and innovation.

Photo of the Water Stewardship Award presented to AUMA

AUMA will be presented with a $1,000 grant and this
hand-blown glass trophy

AUMA has shown significant leadership by advancing the Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan to help communities develop and implement their own plans to safeguard this vital resource. The potential benefits of these plans include: decreased water demand, wastewater volumes, and treatment and distribution costs, and improved infrastructure performance. Efforts to actively engage members through the online water portal have also made AUMA an outstanding choice.

AUMA is one of seven sectors committed to developing water conservation, efficiency and productivity plans, and we commend them for their efforts.

In Alberta, we understand the importance of water and recognize our obligation to be responsible water stewards.  This award is part of a larger strategy to improve water stewardship by fostering best practices across Canada and rewarding leadership.

Congratulations to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and its members for your outstanding achievement!

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