New system for temporary water diversion applications

Albertans interested in applying for a temporary diversion license (TDLs) under the Water Act can now do so online using the Water Act TDL Electronic Review System (WATERS).

The system allows applicants to submit TDL applications and supporting documents directly through the website. WATERS also lets applicants more easily track the status of applications, provides for automated decision-making, and streamlines the issuance of all TDLs.

Department staff will continue to work with applicants in transitioning users to the online system. Staff are in regular contact with TDL applicants and this relationship will continue when the applications are submitted online. Our Information Centre will also provide help to users with the enrolment procedure, if required.

Most TDL applications submitted online will be reviewed by department staff and the result of the decision will be emailed back to the applicant. If the proposed diversion meets all the necessary requirements and criteria, the application may be automatically processed by the system and the automated decision emailed back to the applicant.

The development of an automated decision support system for the temporary diversion of water was a key strategy under the Water for Life action plan.

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