Obey the law and respect the land this summer season

Beginning this May long weekend, Government of Alberta officers will be out in force patrolling Alberta’s roadways, water bodies, parks, and public land. They will work with the RCMP to conduct checkstops and off-highway vehicle compliance checks to ensure Albertans are following the law.

When it comes to outdoor recreation, know the rules before you go – and respect them.

Camping on public land

Photo of a family camping on the lake shore. Photo credit: Travel Alberta

Know the rules before camping on public lands

Rules for camping vary depending on whether you’re visiting

Read up on the laws for your area before you go – but keep in mind these general guidelines for responsible camping on public lands.

Regardless of where you camp, be aware of liquor bans and check for fire bans in your area or provincial park.

Using motorized vehicles

Photo of OHV riding on trails. Photo Credit: Entertainment Guide

Keep debris clear of OHV hot spots to prevent wildfires

Quads and other off-highway vehicles are exciting to ride – but their speed and power also makes it easier to damage the landscape. To minimize your impact:

  • Travel on approved trails only
  • Keep wheels out of streams, rivers, and lakes
  • Leave fences and gates as they were
  • Wash vehicle between uses – but never in a creek, river, or lake
  • Ensure engines have working mufflers and spark arrestors
  • Prevent the start of a wildfire – keep vehicle ‘hot spots’ free of debris

Learn the laws before you drive – read the complete list of requirements for OHV riders.

Hiking, biking, and more

Activities like hiking, biking, and horseback riding seem low-impact – until you multiply the effects by thousands of Albertans. Learn how to minimize your impact before you hit the trails.

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