More access to environmental approvals and water use data

Photo of farm houses near a pondAlbertans have access to more information through our enhanced Authorization Viewer.

The web-based tool allows the public to search for approvals, licences, registrations, permits and certificates issued under the Water Act and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

Recent upgrades now allow the public to find the water use details of registered traditional agriculture users.

Traditional agriculture users are those who owned or occupied land adjoining a natural water body prior to January 1, 1999, and use water to raise animals or apply pesticides to crops.

Photo_Agriculture_CowsUnder the Water Act, traditional agriculture users can divert up to 6,250 cubic metres of water per year for agricultural purposes without a formal authorization.

Instead, they register their water use and receive a priority number dating back to the time of first use. This process provides a fair mechanism to protect traditional agriculture water users, while minimizing the impact on existing licensed users.

The public can now use the authorization viewer to find the priority number, water source and the amount of water use registered to these traditional users.

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