5,300 tickets issued during May long weekend

Photo of an officer spraying water on an abandoned campfire

Officer putting out an abandoned campfire near Calgary

The first long weekend of the summer ended with many Albertans heading home with a sunburn or some fresh mosquito bites, happy and rested after some much needed R&R.

But a few others returned with a ticket or official warning for breaking the rules.

Here’s what government field staff had to say about the weekend:

  • Most Albertans knew and followed the province’s public lands laws when out and about last weekend – but a minority did not.
  • More than 5,300 tickets were handed out across Alberta for violations of traffic, liquor, and safety laws.
  • Hundreds of verbal warnings were issued.
  • Thousands of vehicles passed through check stops.

As summer continues to kick into full swing, we want to remind Albertans to be safe, respectful, and lawful on the land. Take these three easy steps to avoid a ticket or warning:

Camping on public lands is limited to 14 days

Camping on public lands is limited to 14 days to help prevent damage

  • Keep off-highway vehicle tires out of water bodies and away from shorelines. Numerous tickets were issued this past weekend to quad and motorbike riders riding on riverbanks or in water bodies. This activity damages aquatic habitat and wildlife – keep wheels on dry land and stick to traveling on approved trails only.
  • Limit camping in a single location to fewer than 14 days. Keeping your stay short limits damage to the land and helps ensure everyone gets a chance to use it.
  • Never leave your campfire burning or unattended. Government staff responded to many reports of abandoned campfires this May long weekend. Leaving fires unattended is never a risk worth taking – stir it, soak it, and stir it again.

If you have a question about the laws governing recreation on Alberta’s public lands, take a look at our FAQs for the Public Lands Administration Regulation, or call ESRD’s Info Centre at 310-ESRD (3773).

2 thoughts on “5,300 tickets issued during May long weekend

  1. I dont khow if this will reach anyone but just north of grande cache alberta there is a place between the town and the coal mine that is being use has a living camping area that the land look like s***,due to the people staying there as been there since last fall ,nothing been done about it .who does control this .it would be nice if other could use the area.

    • Thanks, Dean. I’ll pass this information along, but it would be a good idea to report it through our 24/7 hotline: 1-800-222-6514. That way investigators can get the exact location from you. The hotline guarantees you will remain annonymous. Thanks again for the tip.

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