Get Involved in Environment Week, June 2-8

Our Actions Count: Environment Week, June 2-8, 2013

Come celebrate Environment Week, June 2-8!  There are many ways for you and your family to get involved – because when it comes to reducing our environmental footprint and protecting biodiversity, our actions count.

The choices we make at home, at work, and in the community, all add up, so take some time this Environment Week to learn more about what you can do. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Attend a green stop event

Attend a Green Stop Event

These citizen and community organized events are a great opportunity to have fun and learn more about sustaining our environment.

From festivals to gardening workshops to solar home tours, there are dozens of green stop events held across the province.

Host a Green Stop

Have a great idea, or would like to see your community involved? Host a green stop event.  We have tips and promotional materials to help you get started.

Commuter Challenge

Park the car, bike to work instead Did you know driving 18,000 km per year costs the average Canadian $8,441.25 or 46.9 cents/km?

Leave the car at home and earn bragging rights for your company in this friendly competition between Canadian cities and workplaces.

Here’s how to get involved:

  • Register yourself or your workplace before June 2
  • Walk, cycle, carpool or take transit at lease once between June 2-8
  • Log your commute before June 12 to track emission reduction, calorie consumption, and fuel savings
  • See how your actions add up to make a difference

One Simple Act

Reduce, reuse and recycle Go green year-round by committing to One Simple Act. The online toolkit provides everyday tips to prevent waste, conserve water and reduce energy consumption. Sign up online at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Environment Week has been celebrated in Alberta and across Canada since 1972 as a way to help preserve, protect and restore our environment.

It is held annually during the first week of June to align with the United Nations World Environment Day on June 5.

So get out and try something new during Environment Week – or commit yourself to a new eco-friendly action. Together, we can make a big difference.

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