Grade 5 students become environment ministers

2013 Ministers for the Day

12 exceptional students were promoted from the classroom to the Legislature to become Alberta’s environment ministers for the day.

These ‘mini-ministers’ toured the legislature, participated in a mock legislative session, and discussed environmental protection and sustainable development with Minister Diana McQueen during a media panel.

Minister for the Day is an environmental education program to support grade-five curriculum in Alberta schools. Students are challenged to share their ideas on how Albertans can become better stewards of the environment.

Selected from 1,570 entries, the 12 finalists proudly represented their schools and communities of Ardrossan, Banff, Calgary, Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, and St. Albert during the day-long event.

Held annually during Environment Week, more than 160 students have acted as Ministers for the Day since the program began in 2000.

The students had outstanding ideas, including putting compost bins in schools so food scraps don’t go to waste.

The slideshow below shares some of their most memorable quotes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the media panel, the students shared their ideas on how the government should balance environmental protection and resource development, actions we can take at home, and how to encourage biodiversity in our community.

One thought on “Grade 5 students become environment ministers

  1. Fist of all I like you article, Nice content and easy layout 🙂

    Second, I´m glad that you adress children and how important they are for the envionrmental work out there. These girls and boys will grow up with an understanding how to behave toward the planet and everything in it. How to become better person and relate to everything. I juut hope they continue there work for the environment once they grow up. and not fall to the selfish an greedy side of this world.

    thanks again fora great article

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    What happened to the birds?

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