Exshaw Creek area closure

Photo of a sign telling hikers to beware of falling rocksESRD sometimes closes trails or areas to protect our landscape from environmental damage – but we can also issue temporary closures to ensure public safety.

Our public lands are constantly changing, and flooding, fire, and unstable terrain can all make an area or trail too dangerous for recreation.

Beginning June 13, an area of vacant public land bordering Exshaw Creek, west of Calgary, will be temporarily closed for public safety reasons. The area is down-slope from the Lafarge limestone quarry.

Photo of a boulder sliding down the mountain

This boulder was found near
the edge of a cliff

Since January, ESRD has received reports that at least two boulders have rolled down the slope from the quarry and landed on or near the Exshaw Pass Trail, a popular hiking route along the creek.

Temporary closure of this area is necessary to prevent possible harm to hikers and other recreational users until the risk from falling rocks can be addressed.

The quarry will test the area to determine where rocks are falling from and why, and will take steps to minimize the danger.

Photo of pipe broken by a falling boulder

A falling boulder came down with so much force it broke this pipe

The safety of Albertans is our top priority in this situation.

We know that this trail is a popular hiking spot, and we will re-open the trail as soon as it’s safe to do so – but not before.

Albertans looking for outdoor recreation opportunities in this area can access this trail via an alternate route while the closure is underway – see the map below for details.

We will let you know when the closures have been lifted – if you’re not sure, you can call the ESRD Info Centre at 310-ESRD to find out.


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