Know before you go: southern Alberta land and trail closures and advisories this long weekend

Our thoughts this week have been with our colleagues and fellow Albertans in flooded communities throughout the south of the province. We’ll all need to pitch in to address the impact of this event – and we are calling on your help this long weekend to prevent damage to our public lands.

Photo of a washed out ATV trail

Some quad trails in southern Alberta are still washed out – this is the Canary Creek trail in the Bighorn backcountry.

Many Public Land Use Zones, recreation areas, and trails in southern Alberta sustained severe flooding last week and are still recovering. In many areas, ground is water-logged and trails have been washed out.

If these areas are used for recreation before they recover, they could be seriously damaged – which could make recovery take even longer.

To protect our landscape, please make sure you know before you go:

  • Check ESRD’s area and trail closures and advisories page before you head out to make sure your destination is suitable for recreation. Bookmark this page – it is updated as conditions change and will be a handy resource throughout the summer.
  • Restrict recreation to areas and trails not under closure or advisory.
  • Keep in mind that although some public lands and trails are open, they cannot handle traffic from the entire province. Damage from too many users can permanently impact the landscape and require us to issue advisories or closures in the future. Please consider heading to provincial parks and campsites this weekend instead – updated information on park, campsite, and recreation area conditions throughout the province is available here.

    Photo of an ATV in a muddy, rutted trail

    ATV use in wet areas can heavily damage trails.

Responsible recreation will ensure that areas damaged by flooding recover – and re-open – as quickly as possible. Thanks for your cooperation, Alberta – have a good time out there this weekend.

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