Calling all anglers: please help us help Alberta’s fish!

Photo of a westslope cutthroat fish

Native species like the westslope cutthroat have been impacted by flooding – you can help them recover.

Recent flooding – and recovery work currently taking place – has negatively impacted Alberta’s native fish populations. The amazing efforts of our staff and volunteers have returned many ‘stranded’ fish from storm pools and basements to the rivers – but we’re still expecting some mortality for both fish and fry.

Protect fish populations: catch and release 

It’s now more important than ever that we protect surviving fish populations and help them to thrive. To help our fish recover, ESRD is asking anglers to voluntarily release all fish caught from certain flowing waters for the remainder of the 2013/14 fishing season. This request applies to:

  • All flowing waters in Management Area ES1
  • All flowing waters in Management Area ES2 upstream of the Forestry Trunk Road
  • In Management Area PP1:
    • Bow River from Highway 24 downstream to Highway 36
    • OldmanRiver from Secondary Rd. 509 downstream to Highway 36
    • In Management Area PP2:
      • The Red Deer River from Dickson Dam downstream to Highway 27

In order to reduce injury to hooked fish, we’re also asking anglers to avoid the use of all bait (including maggots) in these waters.

You can find maps of these management areas in the  2013 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations. If you’re not sure about the management classification of your fishing destination this summer, please check this guide before you head out.

Working together, we can ensure that as many fish as possible survive to spawn again. The support of anglers during this challenging time will ensure that Alberta’s fisheries – and angling opportunities – continue to thrive.

2 thoughts on “Calling all anglers: please help us help Alberta’s fish!

  1. I support your conservation effort and I hope ACA will consider construction of protected and managed spawning facilities to promote fisheries recovery. Additional management programs are required beyond volintary catch and release.
    Thank you
    Cliff Henderson.

  2. Why is catch and release encouraged this year but not mandatory?? All fish should be released this year, better yet, no fishing at all.

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