Stewardship Stories: the (many) friends of the Bighorn Backcountry

We all know it’s true: some areas of Alberta are just particularly great for recreation. And whether they’re looking for open terrain, natural beauty, abundant wildlife – or all of the above – Albertans want to explore the best our province has to offer.

But there’s a catch-22 here. If everyone flocks to our province’s most stellar outdoor spaces, they can quickly become the most damaged and overused – unless steps are taken to protect them.

In a perfect world, the first people to take those steps would be the people who know the land the best. And if that sounds too good to be true, we’ve got news for you: it happens every day in the Bighorn Backcountry.



From restoring trails to protecting wildlife habitat, our Bighorn stewardship groups – including the Bighorn Heritage ATV Society, Friends of the Eastern Slopes, and the Alberta Trappers’ Association – truly do it all. Many volunteers donated their own time and equipment to help restore the area after this summer’s flood – and without their help, the backcountry would not have recovered nearly as quickly – or as well – as it has.

Photo of a washed out ATV trail

Trails washed out in June are unrecognizable today.

So here’s our shout-out to the many amazing groups and volunteers who steward this amazing region. Consider it a love letter – from the environment to all of you. 🙂

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