Update: there will be no more logging trucks moving through Bragg Creek

If you’re in the Bragg Creek area or follow its goings-on on social media, you may have heard some disturbing news yesterday about logging trucks moving through town, against the wishes of residents. We have now dealt with this situation, and wanted to give you an update on exactly what happened.

Spray Lake Sawmills received approval last year to harvest trees west of the Hamlet of Bragg Creek. As part of this agreement, the company promised the Bragg Creek community that its logging trucks would not go through the town, and would use access roads to the west instead.

On January 8th, the company began sending empty trucks through Bragg Creek. ESRD was alerted to this by calls and emails from several residents.

We immediately contacted the company and directed them to stop the use of this road and use the access road west of the town for all trucks, effective immediately. The company has complied with this, and you can read their statement about the incident here.

ESRD has referred this file to the Compliance of the Operations Division for further investigation.

We’ve notified the community of the situation, and will continue to monitor to make sure that this does not happen again.

On behalf of the department, we want to apologize: this should not have happened. We also want to thank those individuals in Bragg Creek who phoned or emailed to let us know it was going on. As soon as we knew what was going on, we were able to take immediate action to stop it. You helped ensure we could do this as quickly as possible – the power of local stewardship in action.

3 thoughts on “Update: there will be no more logging trucks moving through Bragg Creek

  1. If I lived in Bragg creek I would want the same. But there is something about out of site, out of mind and how when you fly over BC and parts of Alberta gazing down on the clear cuts, that is disturbing.

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