Spring trail closures: flood recovery is still in progress

If you plan on hiking, biking, camping or taking an ATV out in southern Alberta this long weekend, you might see some new sights along with the usual spectacular views – trail closure signs. They look like this:

Flood Trails Rehab sign 4x8 (3)-page-001


Last year, many of Alberta’s southern trail systems were devastated by the June flood. Trails and roads were washed away, and many areas remained waterlogged for weeks or even months. Many outdoor recreation communities banded together and worked with government and municipalities to repair the damage and make these trails safe and sustainable again.

Photo of a washed out ATV trail

We’ve made a lot of progress since this photo was taken last June – but we still have work to do in some areas.

That recovery is still ongoing – and we know how important it is to everyone waiting to get back on the trails. This year’s budget earmarks $10 million to repair flood damage to trails and other infrastructure on public lands. This funding will allow us to complete an inventory of trail conditions, and assessments of damage to infrastructure like bridges, signs, and staging areas. Once we know where the problems are, we’ll be able to go in and fix them, helping ensure that our trail systems – and the infrastructure that supports them – make a full recovery.

Please help us support these recovery efforts. When you see trail closure signs, please obey them and stay off those trails. This prevents further damage and helps us get our trail system back in great shape as soon as possible.

No one likes having their plans interrupted. To avoid disappointment when you’re out on the land, check out our Recreation and Public Use Features portal before you head out on your latest adventure. This portal has everything you need to prepare, including:

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