What we heard: Métis representatives weigh in on #NSRP

We’re kicking off phase one consultations for the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan by talking to communities about their visions for the region. Last week, we heard from First Nations representatives at a two-day workshop in Edmonton.

On Friday and Saturday, we also met with Métis representatives from the region. Here’s what they had to say:

Photo of the Metis consultation session for the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Vision for the plan

  • Need for more inclusion in land-use policy development process
  • Concern that there is not enough time for community members to provide feedback on proposals

Healthy economy

  • Meaningful Métis participation is necessary for sustainable land resource and development
  • Métis cultural practices are constantly being affected by the surrounding economy

Healthy ecosystems and environment

  • Issue with implementation of “shared stewardship” – how can there be shared stewardship when Métis inclusion is so limited?
  • Government needs to be more diligent about land reclamation, to ensure the proper process is followed


  • The regional plan should respect the land use plans that communities already have in place
  • More work needs to be done with individual community members, as each member’s knowledge of the land is different


  • Government needs to provide a status report on how Métis concerns have been addressed in the past and how they will be addressed going forward
  • Need for prompt reporting of the feedback recorded at the workshop, as well as contact information for the government and facilitating staff present
  • Question: how will the land-use framework be taught to Aboriginal youth and students?
Photo of a wall of sticky-notes at the Metis consultation

Our stick-note wall captured lots of great comments.

This week, we’re talking to the communities of Rocky Mountain House, Lloydminster, Drayton Valley, Spruce Grove, and Fort Saskatchewan. We’ll post a summary of each discussion on the blog – so stay tuned for updates.

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