Round-up: what To ‘Know Before You Go’ out to Alberta’s backcountry this long weekend


Albertans spent all year looking forward to summer – and we all have the right to enjoy it. But garbage and damage from improper use of our public land can ruin the experience for everyone – not to mention damaging the local ecosystem. Here’s a round-up of resources to help you stay safe and responsible when you’re spending time in Alberta’s backyard.

If you’re hiking or camping in the backcountry:

Many Albertans enjoy backcountry camping – but this privilege comes with responsibilities.

If you’re taking a ride on an off-highway vehicle:

ATVs and other motorized vehicles are a popular way to experience Alberta’s public lands. Minimize your impact to help ensure others can enjoy the landscape you love.

Stay off trails that are marked with this sign.

Stay off trails that are marked with this sign.


Want more tips? Take a look at these round-ups from last year’s long weekend:

Stay in touch – here’s the number to call if you spot… 

  • A wildfire: 310-FIRE (3473)
  • Damage to public land: 310-ESRD (3773)
  • An environmental emergency: 1-800-222-651


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