Get out of town – geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt

The idea of finding wealth where you least expect it has motivated generations of adventurous explorers. But you don’t need to transport yourself back in time or to a far-flung Caribbean island to get involved in a treasure hunt – you can do it right here in Alberta.

The name of the game is geocaching, and it’s global – with over two million active geocaches waiting to be discovered worldwide. All you need to play the game is a GPS-enabled device. That device will guide you to specific coordinates – where you’ll search for hidden geocaches, which can get you prizes and other cool stuff.

When you find a cache, you can comment on it online and read comments from other people who have been there – it’s an interactive online community.

Take the Calgary WMA Geocaching challenge

The Calgary Wildfire Management Office is giving you a chance to go on a geocaching adventure – while exploring some of the most picturesque spots in Alberta’s Southern Rockies! They’ve hidden 15 puzzles in geocaches around the area. Once you collect all the puzzle pieces, you can bring them to the CWMA office and exchange them for a bag full of cool outdoor gear and other fun stuff.

What makes this geocache challenge so unique? Each puzzle piece arms you with crucial wildfire prevention information – making this experience educational as well as fun. Since the majority of geocaches can be accessed fairly easily, this is a great family activity. So what are you waiting for – grab your GPS and get going! Good luck!

All done with the challenge? Here’s where to take your puzzle pieces:

Southern Rockies Geocache
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

8660 Bearspaw Dam Road NW
Calgary Alberta Canada T3L 1S4

2 thoughts on “Get out of town – geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt

  1. Hi, I am wondering if I can talk with the person responsible for this geocaching event. We run an Equine Geocaching website and I frequently pass on information from your blogs to our members through our facebook page. The informational geocaching that you have put out is would be beneficial and fun for our members. We would love to be included in these informational geocaches. Thanks so much, Brenda

    Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 17:02:30 +0000 To:

    • Hi Brenda – great to hear from you! I can definitely put you in touch with the organizer of the Southern Rockies geocache challenge – just let me know if this is the best email address to reach you at and I’ll put you in touch.


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