Karelian bear dogs help keep people and bears safe

Our Fish and Wildlife friends at Alberta Justice enlist some furry friends to help with bear control – here’s the scoop.

Alberta Justice & Solicitor General

Alberta’s dog program barking up the right tree

A dog is man’s best friend, goes the old saying. That familiar phrase rings true for those Albertans who know about Justice and Solicitor General’s Karelian Bear Dog program.  The dogs use shepherding techniques to teach bears to recognize and avoid inhabited areas, helping to keep Alberta’s communities safe and secure. Watch a video of the dogs in action here.

During a wildlife encounter, a well-trained Karelian will force a bear to leave the area by standing its ground and barking. “We are really grateful to have these fantastic dogs in Alberta,” said fish and wildlife officer John Clarke. “The initiative helps Albertans and bears share the land. And it often means that problem bears do not need to be relocated or destroyed because the dogs teach them not to approach people.”

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