All for fun and fun for all – a 2014 Alberta camping retrospective

A beautiful view at Phyllis Lake

As we bid a fond farewell to the Alberta summer with a frozen tear in our eye, we take a moment to reflect on another excellent summer camping season in Alberta’s provincial parks. Despite a wet start it’s safe to say campgrounds around the province saw lots of happy campers.

We aren’t just telling campfire stories:

  • More than 130,000 reservations of regular, comfort, and group campsites were made, and more than 410,000 campsites occupied.
  • The online reservation system surpassed a half a million registrations this season, an amazing feat considering it was only introduced in 2009 and only about 30% of Alberta’s campgrounds are on the system.
  • The number of online reservation subscribers increased almost 50,000 this year alone.

There are so many reasons to camp in Alberta. Park staff in the province work tirelessly to ensure our campers have the best stay possible. How do they do this you ask? Where do we begin?

  • We introduced a special “stay for three nights, pay for two” promotion that more than 2,200 campers took advantage of.
  • We invest millions in capital for maintenance and refurbishment annually.
  • We expand and rework provincial campgrounds to meet customers’ needs. This year we unveiled a number of enhancements including upgrades at Pigeon Lake and Hilliard’s Bay campgrounds.
  • We provide a variety of opportunities for people to pick their experience through programs and services like education and interpretive programs, hiking, cycling, comfort camping and so much more.
  • We also do our best to strike a balance between appropriate planning and conservation within our provincial parks.

More than 1.8 million people camped in our provincial campgrounds this year – if you weren’t one of them you should check it out…after all, that many people can’t be wrong. Visit for all things provincial parks, including winter camping opportunities.

Connecting people with nature, after all, is our business…and our passion.

But don’t take our word of it – see what people have said about our parks on Twitter:

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