Mulch ado about pumpkins

Backyard CompostWe can’t deny our love affair with pumpkins. Every fall we find them in pies, cookies, lattes, and even beer. And yesterday Alberta’s doorsteps were decorated with some of the spoookiest and scariest carved pumpkins around. So now that the trick or treating is done, what do we do with our favorite jack o’lantern and his seedy entrails?

Many a pumpkin ends up in the landfill, but that’s not the best resting place for our biodegradable pals. It can take years for a pumpkin to degrade in a landfill, where it slowly decomposes and gives off greenhouse gases.

Now that all the little ghouls and ghosts have had collected their share of candy and the festivities are done, try tossing ol’ Jack in your backyard compost bin so he can help cultivate some friends for next year.

If you haven’t started composting yet, don’t be spooked! It’s easy to start.

  • Pick out a sunny spot in your yard for your compost pile or compost bin
  • Remove any candles or wax from the pumpkin
  • Have fun smashing the pumpkin into smaller pieces
  • Put pumpkin pieces in compost pile and cover with layer of leaves (about 10 cm)
  • Let nature take its course
  • In spring, add your composted pumpkin to your garden

This is just one thing we can do for our environment. Remember every effort – no matter how small – ensures a healthier planet.

For more information on composting, visit our Composting at Home website. You can also check with your local municipality if they have leaf and pumpkin collection sites for their residents.

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