Extreme Makeover – Switching Cubicle Edition

You know what we’re talking about. The big green boxes put in our communities by our friendly neighbourhood electrical companies that often reside in our green spaces.

Fortis Switching Cubicle

An Alberta Parks wrapped FortisAlberta switching cubicle in Sherwood Park. The image is of Alberta’s Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area.

What’s being done about them you may ask. Well, FortisAlberta teamed up with Alberta Parks this summer to showcase images of Alberta Parks on the switching cubicles in Alberta communities. The unique partnership started this past summer when FortisAlberta approached Alberta Parks with the idea of showcasing the province’s parks on the company’s cubicles.

The project has a dual purpose: promote Alberta’s provincial parks and reduce graffiti and vandalism on the FortisAlberta switching cubicles.

Sixty-three cubicles in 14 communities were wrapped with seven scenic Alberta Parks’ images over the summer months. The 2014 wrap campaign is now complete and next year’s campaign is already in the works!

Over the next few years, hundreds of these cubicles will be wrapped with Alberta Parks’ images. Is your community part of this project? Find out if you’re included in a FortisAlberta service area here.

Do you have one of these made over beauties in your community? Send us a picture of the results via Twitter @Albertaparks.

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