Winter golf can be par for the course

Winter is really settling in now and summer seems like a fond and distant memory. Are you already yearning for the golf course and the challenge of the game? Don’t despair – there is a year-round alternative available.

Invented by a group of Saskatchewan school boys in 1926, disc golf brings the traditional game of golf to a higher level – mostly because the “hole” is an above ground target. Similar to golf, a disc is used in lieu of clubs and thrown at the target hole. It is a sport of precision and accuracy, the fewest throws from tee to hole wins.

Jack Linda DG3

A plastic disc is thrown from the tee off toward the “hole” with the aim being accomplishing the fewest throws as possible to reach the basket. Once the disc is thrown, where it lands will be the next cast off point. The player must keep one foot on the ground at all times.

The usual uneven terrain found in the outdoor courses is what adds challenge to the sport. Players can use their surroundings like trees to bounce their discs off increase their probability of attaining fewer throws.

Want to give it a try for yourself? There are lots of places, including some Alberta Parks that offer disc golf. Check out one of the courses in your area. If disc golf doesn’t interest you there are a number of activities going on all winter at provincial parks – get out and check them out!

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