Mission Walleye Restoration Part 2 – Operation “No Small Fry”

This is part two of a three part series. Check out part one here.

In 2005, Fisheries Management in Lac La Biche commenced an intensive, complex and never attempted before program to restore the Lac La Biche walleye. This is the tale of collected walleye eggs and their journey to adulthood.

When we last left our newly fertilized walleye egg friends, fisheries management staff had successfully loaded them on the helicopter, their destination is the Cold Lake Hatchery.

up in the air

At The Hatchery, the eggs will go through an incredible metamorphosis in a very short time. From egg to fry, while some remain a little longer to become fingerlings, it will be an intense period of growth for these little guys.

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Into the truck

These baby walleye are not loaded up into trucks and are ready to go for another ride, no fancy helicopters this time, just a ride down the highway to their final destination.

Keep your eyes on this blog to see the conclusion to this fish tale.

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