Mission Walleye Restoration Part 3 – Operation Stocking and Beyond

This is final part of a three part series. Check out part one and part two here.

Into the truckIn 2005, Fisheries Management in Lac La Biche commenced an intensive, complex and never attempted before program to restore the Lac La Biche walleye. This is the tale of collected walleye eggs and their journey to adulthood.

Oh, our tiny walleye grow up so fast! These little guys have travelled many kilometres in a very short time – these fish really do fly! Now it’s time to safely stock these tiny walleye into Lac La Biche. What comes next? Read on to find out.

A lot of time and people need to come together to stock this many fish!

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So our adventurous walleye have completed their mission now, they need only go forth and spawn!

Are you interested in learning more about the Lac La Biche Fisheries Restoration Program? Join staff from the Lac La Biche Fisheries at their Information Session on June 16.

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