Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – A Ring of Fire

Troy 2Sometimes with a job like this it’s hard to find love. I can see why that is. It’s about finding that one person who understands that you’re gone, and have to split time with your crew.  Well this blog isn’t about me, but about the woman that loves me – job and all. Let me give you a bit of background on our relationship.

Scarlett and I have been married for about a year now and have been together a total of six years.  Time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve had our troubles like other couples, but she puts up with me and supported me when I decided to make wildland fighting my career about five years ago. I’m sure you’re wondering how she puts up with me and my crazy job…who better to tell you than my wife herself?

Troy WeddingWas it love at first sight?

No it was not. We were more like best friends at first and then one day, it just developed into something more. I knew he was the one for me when he decided to finally ask me to be his girlfriend. The week that he asked me out, he made me think that he was mad at me. I came home one day, opened the door to my room and there was a surprise waiting for me. The room was decorated completely in pink, wallpaper, balloons and streamers. There was the cutest note written on my wall that read “Can I be your Prince Charming?” with a yes and a no checkbox. With such an impressive inquiry, I had to say yes.

What was the hardest part of Troy being gone for the summer?

The hardest part is being alone. You spend most of your free time with friends and family and you go to the majority of events solo. One challenge is when people ask me where he is all the time. Because he is all over the place, it is so hard to remember exactly where he is. Maybe I need to put a GPS in him to keep track of where he is.

How do you deal with him splitting his summer between you and work?

It is definitely hard but I just learn to live with it. I certainly don’t plan anything based off his schedule, as it always changes. I just plan things for me and if he is home then he comes – and it is always much more fun when he does come.

Troy Wedding 2Do you miss him, and how much?

Yes I do miss him, quite a lot. It seems like sometimes he is gone forever. But after he’s home for a while, he does tend to get on my nerves. He just does not do things that I usually do or he doesn’t do things the right way. I sometimes just want him to go back to work and get out of the way.

What do you see in the future?

We want to settle down and get a house to call our own so there is some place for him to come back to and know all our hard work is paying off.  I would love to see him take a couple weeks off so we can actually go on our honeymoon somewhere, since after the wedding he had to go back to work so soon. Hopefully in a little while there will be more of us, with little feet running around and a farm full of animals. Maybe, just maybe, then he will be home a little bit more than he is now.

I can’t thank my wife enough for being so supportive of my job.

Now, though reluctantly, I’m off to my next adventure!

– Troy

The Alberta Wildfire Management Branch recognizes the sacrifices of all the families of our staff and contractors – your constant strength and support is appreciated. Thank you!

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