Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – Saying Goodbye to Your Boy Troy

The Alberta wildfire season is quickly nearing its end and has left me with many things to think about. Not just a reflection of the season itself, which was awesome, but an opportunity to look to the future.

My fire season started at the Hinton Training Centre, where I helped to train the rookie firefighters who had been hired on for the summer (read more here). It was a cool experience to see the new recruits and watch them develop fireline skills. I hope their summer was just as great as mine – from the people to the locations, it has been a whirlwind of experiences and adventures.

IMG_2837One of the greatest things I experienced this summer was being exported to Peace River (read more here). The crew and I learned a lot and gained a lot of fire experience that helped us fight wildfires and were able to apply that experience to a recent wildfire in our home area of Calgary. While the fire wasn’t the largest, the terrain was challenging and the scenery was just incredible. With our know-how from up north, we were able to put out the wildfire quickly by guiding just a couple of bucket drops from the helicopter. That’s one thing about this job, there is always something new that helps make us better firefighters, we never stop learning.  The crew really wanted the summer to keep going.

I would like to thank the Forestry staff for helping me grow in my forestry career and I’d like to give a huge shout to every firefighter in the Calgary Area.  I must say that this has been my favourite season out of all five.  And as I get ready for my next adventure, I must say farewell to this one.

3F6A0528-2Good luck to everyone this winter. Signing off for the last time, it’s your boy Troy – I’ll catch you on the next adventure!

1 thought on “Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – Saying Goodbye to Your Boy Troy

  1. Hi Troy…I have enjoyed following the fire season for 2015 and the various posts and even photo’s from those involved in the ‘battle’ which definitely was seeming to be unending. You all have earned a fall and winter and hopefully even into spring of rest and renewal. Will be looking for you come next fire season. In meantime continue to stay safe & well and enjoy this time off.

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