It’s family fishing weekend Alberta!

IMG_5448Fishy fun can be in store for everyone this weekend in Alberta as we celebrate the annual summer family fishing weekend July 9-10.

What is Family Fishing Weekend? It’s one of two weekends every year anyone can go fishing without a license. It’s is a great way to introduce your family and friends to fishing in Alberta without breaking the bank.

The government stocks 2 million trout into more than 200 stocked water bodies every year for anglers to enjoy. Several species are stocked, including rainbow, brown, brook, tiger and cutthroat trout.

Government of Alberta has four fish hatcheries: Cold Lake, Sam Livingston (Calgary), Raven Brood Trout Station (Caroline) and Allison Creek Brood Trout Station (Crowsnest Pass).

Alberta’s fish stocking program has two goals – reduce pressure on our native trout populations and create new fishing opportunities throughout the province, in areas that don’t have natural trout populations.

FishStockingMapNew this year, anglers can get excited for some reel fun and check out the latest Alberta Fish Stocking Map available online to help you decide where to find your next great catch. See which lakes across Alberta have been stocked and what types of trout they have been stocked with. Clicking the lake or pond details will redirect you to the website, which has further information. The detailed Fish Stocking Report will also show you the number of fish stocked in each water body. The map will be updated periodically throughout the season.

Enjoy your time on the water this year whether fishing by yourself, with friends or family – be sure to familiar yourself with the 2016 Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations and have your fishing licence in hand before heading out to the water for the rest of the summer.

Lee Lake – stocked with 45,000 Rainbow Trout and 6,500 Cutthroat Trout in April 2016.

Lee Lake – stocked with 45,000 rainbow trout and 6,500 cutthroat trout in April 2016.

Some of our province’s rivers, especially in the Eastern Slopes Region, may have low flow advisories in effect. Please fish safely and responsibly and be sure to follow safe fish handling procedures to minimize stress to the fish population. Happy Family Fishing Weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “It’s family fishing weekend Alberta!

  1. It appears that Hermitage Park (Edmonton) has not been stocked with Rainbow Trout this year. I wonder how it is decided which ponds or areas will have fish stocked to them?

    • Hi Len, thanks for the question. All stocked ponds are assessed using the following criteria:
      – Is the pond used by a high number of anglers and/or other recreational users?
      – Is the pond within the 1:100 year flood plain of a public water that contains native trout or whitefish?
      – Does the pond have direct flow to public waters that contain native trout or whitefish?
      – Is the pond located within a watershed that has native trout or whitefish present?
      – Is the pond within a CFIA declared infected area?
      – Was the pond stocked with fish from a facility that tested positive for Whirling Disease?

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