New Cast Members Needed


Help tip the scales of knowledge! It’s never too early (or late) to assist young visitors in identifying their catch.

Looking for a unique volunteer opportunity this year? Bow Habitat Station is currently recruiting to their team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers!

As a volunteer, you play a key role in supporting programs and initiatives at Bow Habitat Station that reach over 100,000 visitors each year. Whether it’s getting your feet wet in search of invertebrates in the Interpretive Wetland, helping a new angler learn to cast at the Trout Pond, or leading fish trivia with visitors in the Discovery Centre – there’s a little something for everyone!

Best of all, no prior knowledge of fish or fishing is required – we’ll do the training to ensure you’re set up for success! Of course, it is an added bonus for us when we can learn from you too.

Top three reasons to join our volunteer team:


Our energy is fed by the smiles we see on visitors’ faces and they love to shake things up!

  1. Learn new skills (or strengthen existing ones).

Our volunteer program is based on an environment of continuous improvement. Volunteer opportunities will provide you with the opportunity to strengthen interpersonal and communication skills with a variety of age groups. As well, through training sessions and hands-on activities, you’ll be able to extend your knowledge of Alberta’s fish, wildlife and water. Turns out you CAN teach old fish new tricks!


No experience necessary! We’ll teach you everything you need to know, from Alberta’s creepy crawly creatures to its majestic mammals!

  1. That warm fuzzy feeling when you give back to the community.

We’re lucky to have a cross-section of visitors who span all abilities and ages – from 1 to 101 there’s truly something for everyone. There’s no better feeling than passing on your wealth of knowledge to others, whether it’s through reading a story to a group of toddlers or sharing your favourite fishing story with a retiree. Plus, you’re a role model and mentor who demonstrate how anyone can help make a difference and keep fish in our future!

  1. We have a LOT of fun.


This should really be reason number one! Whether it’s at a formal training sessions, during a scheduled program shift, or at one of our recognition events – it’s hard to keep our volunteers from smiling! We’re fortunate to have built a program based around the most friendly and helpful volunteers in Calgary. We do our best to repay them through formal parties and one-of-a-kind activities, whenever possible.


Check out our current volunteer positions available, and apply now to join the team for 2017. A new school of friends awaits!

Recruitment closes November 12, 2016

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