New grant will help Alberta non-profits save money


Around the province, every day, non-profit and volunteer groups are doing admirable work to improve the lives of Albertans. A new grant, the Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) Program, will help these groups continue their important work while saving them money, lowering their emissions and playing a role in Alberta’s ambitious Climate Leadership Plan.

NEET will provide funding to non-profit and volunteer groups for energy efficiency audits. These audits will assess energy use from their lighting, heating, cooling and hot water systems. They will also create an energy management plan that will provide a roadmap to prioritize energy efficiency retrofits and upgrades.

Equipped with this audit information, groups may be able take advantage of the Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Rebate Program, which offers incentives for the purchase and installation of high-efficiency products. This program is one of several programs offered by Energy Efficiency Alberta – a provincial agency established as part of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan. The agency will provide programs and services starting this spring.

Interested applicants can contact Alberta’s Climate Change Office at or 780-422-2254. Additional information on how to apply will be available at


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