Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 2

premier-students-clp2This is the second in a series of posts addressing myths and realities of the Climate Leadership Plan. Part 1 covered estimated household costs, rebates and emissions reductions.

Myth #4: Albertans weren’t consulted on the Climate Leadership Plan.

Reality: In 2015, Alberta’s Climate Change Advisory Panel engaged with Albertans for several months. The panel heard from the public, farmers, indigenous communities, academia, think-tanks, municipalities, small businesses and industry representatives. They heard from tens of thousands of Albertans through an online survey, open houses, technical sessions and written submissions from stakeholder groups and individuals.

The result of these engagements and the panel’s recommendations is a made-in-Alberta plan that considers our province’s unique economic and environmental realities. It’s a plan made in, by and for Alberta.

You can see the panel’s report, the online submissions library, online survey results, all comments received from Albertans at all engagement events, and summary reports on the Climate Change Advisory Panel website.


Myth #5: Alberta will see the same rise in energy prices as Ontario did when they shifted to renewables.

Reality: The increases in electricity bills encountered in Ontario will not be repeated in Alberta for a number of reasons:

  • Renewables are not being funded by adding costs to consumer electricity bills, but through reinvesting carbon revenues.
  • A competitive process is being used in Alberta, ensuring only the most cost-effective projects receive support.
  • More than 43% of Ontario’s cost increases are related to nuclear, which is not applicable in Alberta.
  • In Ontario solar and wind prices were bought at much higher prices than will be the case here.

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan is founded on carbon pricing, which is an economically-efficient means to achieve emission reductions, coupled with policies targeted at investing in electricity transition and energy efficiency.

One final note: If you suspect a business has unreasonably increased prices as a result of the carbon levy, contact Service Alberta at 1-877-427-4088 or file a complaint online at

3 thoughts on “Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 2

  1. will the government review existing policies to permit homeowners to sell excess electricity generated thru solar panels back to the grid? Right now the best a homeowner can achieve is net zero on bills. If a homeowner is installing panels why not allow ability to generate excess to the grid to supply other consumers and be paid for it. Even if credits from excess power generation could be applied to other utility taxes that would benefit homeowner.

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