Working to fortify the Castle

2017-01-18_12-29-09The newly created Castle Provincial Park and expanded Castle Wildland Provincial Park are two of the most important natural sites in Alberta.

These areas are part of a unique ecosystem that is internationally recognized for its biodiversity and landscapes, and encompasses headwaters that supply one third of the water in the Oldman Watershed.

castleaepwebbannerThese parks contain significant cultural sites including numerous archaeological, historical and First Nations traditional use sites. It’s a special place where families can camp and hike, children can catch their first fish and Indigenous people can celebrate their culture.

Balancing protection and purpose

castle10Management of the human footprint to maintain the ecosystem, the natural processes and the visitor experience will be informed by the best available science, the most current information, and First Nations traditional ecological knowledge.

Management practices will consider the needs of current and future users, the perspectives of local communities and stakeholders and, where appropriate, incorporate long-standing land management practices such as grazing and hunting. A wide range of recreational activities will be supported, and the development of new compatible experiences will be encouraged.

How you can help

The Castle area has the potential to be a significant driver of the local and provincial tourism economy. From now until March 30, Albertans are invited to participate in public consultation through online engagement on the draft Castle Parks Management Plan, that looks to set clear objectives and strategies for management of the Castle over a 10-year period.

This is your opportunity to share your vision of the Castle and tell us what matters most to you.


3 thoughts on “Working to fortify the Castle

  1. Any changes and regulations to this area need to be followed by all that use the area. This includes indigenous people. If this is going to work it needs to be fair accross the board. Anything short of this will only create more division between indigenous and none indigenous people.

  2. Well as long as we can always access all of the existing trails with our quads and dirt bikes and still camp with our families. We were born here and this is our Province to enjoy. It must not become just another place like Banff where the govenment steals it from us and forces us to have to pay to enjoy it by the day and put a border around it.

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