Myths and realities of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan – Part 3

Beaumont, Alberta photographed in May, 2015.

Beaumont, Alberta photographed in May, 2015.

This is the third in a series of posts addressing myths and realities of the Climate Leadership Plan. Part 1 covered estimated household costs, rebates and emissions reductions. Part 2 covered consultation and energy costs.

Myth #6: The government will be going door-to-door or cold calling Albertans to offer energy efficiency products through the Residential No-Cost Energy Savings Program.

Reality: Albertans will be able to participate in the program only if they contact Energy Efficiency Alberta directly and make an appointment. Appointments are scheduled so that homeowners know when to expect a visit from an installer. Due to government legislation, which bans the door-to-door sales of energy products, an installer cannot come to your door uninvited.

Keep an eye on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website. It will be updated regularly as we work out program details.


Myth # 7: I need to have a home inspection to determine how much I will be paying for the carbon levy and whether I qualify for a rebate.

Reality: This is a scam. There are no agencies or services that require answers over the phone or access to Albertans’ homes to determine the amount of the carbon levy that will impact you, or to determine if you are eligible for a rebate.

The carbon levy applies to purchases of all fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions when combusted, such as transportation (e.g., gas and diesel) and heating fuels (e.g., natural gas). You will see it applied to your home heating bills and your vehicle fuel purchases.

Rebates are tied to income and number of people in the household, nothing else. You only need to file your taxes to determine eligibility. If you are eligible you will receive the rebate automatically either as direct deposit or a cheque from the Canada Revenue Agency. Find out more about the carbon levy rebate.

In response to more than 1,000 complaints received from many seniors and families who felt tricked or pressured into buying products or signing contracts, the government banned unsolicited door-to-door sales of energy products. As of January 1, 2017 door-to-door sales of furnaces, natural gas and energy contracts, water heaters, windows, air conditioners and energy audits are prohibited.

If you receive a concerning phone call or house visit be sure to call the Service Alberta consumer protection line at 1-877-427-4088 or file a complaint online.

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