Be among the first in line for savings


Albertans can now sign up to get the latest efficiency innovations in their home through Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program.

Starting in April, Albertans who have registered for the program will be contacted to book appointments for in-home installations. Installation will be conducted by qualified agents who will remove old products and replace them with more energy efficient products, such as:

  • Replacing existing incandescent nightlights, lightbulbs and exit signs with LED products
  • Replacing inefficient shower heads with high-efficiency shower heads
  • Installing faucet aerators if no aerator is present
  • Replacing a traditional power bar with an advanced power bar
  • Replacing a non-programmable thermostat with a smart (self-adjusting) thermostat

All Alberta households are eligible to participate regardless of income or housing type.


Registering today is the first step towards improving and enhancing your home through energy efficiency products. Go to the Energy Efficiency Alberta website to register. You can also call 1-844-357-5604 or email with any questions.

Ecofitt, the third-party service provider hired to manage this program, is hiring a variety of positions to deliver the program to Albertans. Interested applicants can find out more by clicking on the careers tab at

You can listen to the announcement here:

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