Alberta named as number one target for wind power investment

070712PAB_Pincher Creek1679.jpg

Thanks to the government’s decisive action on climate change, Alberta’s sources of energy are rapidly changing, and investors, influencers and industry leaders around the world want to be a part of the transformation.

Finnish investment group Taaleri Plc has named Alberta its number one target for wind power, citing strong prairie winds and favourable government policy (including the firm target of 30 per cent renewables by 2030) as it prepares to launch a $600 US million push into the North American wind sector. Recharge News, a global source for renewable energy news and intelligence, predicted this shift in 2016, when it found consensus among multiple wind and solar companies that global-scale renewables developers would start pouring into Alberta.

By taking advantage of our world-class renewables resources, Alberta is taking its place at the front of the pack as the ideal province for renewables investment. At the same time we’re tackling carbon emissions, we’re also creating good, mortgage paying jobs and helping to build sustainable industries for the future.

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