Going Wild for Wildlife Week!

Its-starting-owl twitterFor almost 70 years, the week of April 10 has been the week that Canadians are encouraged to celebrate our wild species, to enjoy our country’s natural heritage and to rededicate ourselves to conservation and sustainable management.

Alberta – which is home to almost 600 wild animal species as well as thousands of insect and plant species – is one of the most biodiverse areas of the country. We have a lot to celebrate on National Wildlife Week!

We have bats and birds returning from their annual migration, bears waking up from their long winter slumbers and new generations of fish spawning in our streams and lakes.

shutterstock_4283524BabyGreaterShortHornedLizardFrom the mountain short-horned lizards that scuttle in the arid canyons in southeast Alberta to the northern flying squirrels that soar through our woodlands, the province is home to fascinating and strange creatures.

Over the course of this week, look for fun facts, quick quizzes, and important safety information about Alberta’s wildlife on our Twitter and My Wild Alberta and Respect the Land Facebook accounts.

Our Wild History

National Wildlife Week was proclaimed by the Parliament of Canada on April 18, 1947, with the first celebration occurring the subsequent year. Interestingly, the ‘Act Respecting A National Wild Life Week’ was the first time in Canadian history that Parliament voted unanimously in favour of a bill.

Jack_MinerNational Wildlife Week was established in 1947 to commemorate the achievements and contributions of Jack Miner, a conservationist often called the “father of North American conservationism.” “Wild Goose Jack,” as he was often referred, was one of the first conservationists to determine the migratory paths of North American birds.

The act was intended to give an opportunity for conservation organizations to “proclaim from platform, over the radio or the printed word, the great value to the nation of Wild Life Conservation in every sphere, sporting, tourist, educational, esthetic, [and] ornithological.”

So join us this week as we celebrate Alberta’s wildlife!

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