New efficiency rebates support home improvements

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An energy efficient home is a more comfortable and affordable home. A new Energy Efficiency Alberta program will support homeowners and Alberta contractors by providing rebates of up to $3,500 for installation of insulation, tankless hot water heaters and triple glaze, low-e, argon windows.

Rebates aren’t the only appeal to energy efficient upgrades. There are real, practical benefits for Alberta households that will make life better and more affordable. Insulation upgrades increase comfort, save money and increase the value of your home. Tankless hot water heaters take up less space, waste less energy and may provide hot water faster than conventional systems. Window upgrades increase home value and air-tightness and reduce energy loss and outside noise. Energy efficiency also brings opportunities for new industries, new jobs and new technologies to the province.

Energy efficiency is a key component in the government’s efforts to help Albertans save money and energy, and reduce emissions. Starting April 28, homeowners will be able to choose from a list of registered Alberta-based contractors to install eligible products. Contractors will guide homeowners through the application process, and rebate cheques will go directly to the homeowner once each project is complete.

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Contractors who want to be added to the registry can apply at You must complete a short training course and:

  • Be a legally registered business in Alberta
  • Have current liability insurance
  • Have current Workers’ Compensation coverage

The home improvement rebate is one part of Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Residential Retail Product Program, a $24-million program that provides opportunities for Albertans to access all the benefits that energy efficient upgrades provide while supporting local businesses.

More products, programs, rebates and incentives are on the way so keep an eye on for more details, coming soon. You can also sign up for Energy Efficiency Alberta’s newsletter and be the first to learn about new opportunities to upgrade your home.

4 thoughts on “New efficiency rebates support home improvements

  1. I changed my windows a couple of years ago, light bulbs too now I have to pay for other people to do the same. Wonderful program makes you not want to do your part, just wait for a rebate program, you pay for it anyway.

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