Tap into savings with new online tools

2Did you know that you can save as much as 10 per cent of your monthly power bill by plugging your TVs, stereos and gaming consoles into a smart power bar? That LED lights use 85 per cent less energy than traditional bulbs? Or that an outdoor motion sensor with an LED light can save you up to $100 a year?

Those are just a few of the things you’ll learn when you use the two new interactive online tools that have been developed by Energy Efficiency Alberta.

The Home Efficiency Tool walks you through your home and outlines ways you can reduce energy use and access up-front savings. The Learn About Lighting Tool shows the advantages of LED lights over fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, and how they work with your existing light fixtures.

These two new tools also showcase products available through the Residential Retail Products Program, which includes rebates for windows, water heaters and insulation, online rebates for appliances and instant in-store rebates on a wide variety of products.

Watch Minister Phillips offer energy efficiency tips and walk through the online tools in this short video.

Visit Energy Efficiency Alberta for more information about how you can start saving money right now.

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