May the long weekend be with you

The trees are turning green, the sun is shining and wildlife is migrating back to Alberta. The May long weekend is when many Albertans get out and enjoy the outdoors for the first time of the summer season. Here are a few friendly tips and reminders to help you make the most of this long weekend!

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Get There Safely

No matter what you’re doing this May long weekend, make sure you’re safe when you’re travelling to your destination.

Go Camping

Camping photo for blog 5Alberta is home to incredible vistas and natural beauty, which can be experienced and explored in numerous ways, including camping.

Whether you’re an Alberta Parks veteran camper, or it’s your first time heading out, the beginning of the camping season is a good time to remember that a well-planned camping trip helps make a successful camping trip.

Get out on the water

17158198475_21fb1831d2_o.jpgThere are hundreds of lakes, rivers, reservoirs and other bodies of water that you can enjoy in Alberta, from the Bow River to Cold Lake to the mighty peace.

And whether you’re paddling a canoe or skipping along in a sailboat, there are some things you should be aware of.

Don’t get burned

CampfireThere are so many magnificent things about camping, and one of the greatest is the experience of sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows. That being said, fires need to be built and used in a safe, responsible manner.

Be ready for wildlife

11024794_973311949355364_1990470089056118933_nOne of the great things about going outdoors is experiencing nature and observing some of Alberta’s amazing wildlife. Observe wildlife from a distance, and give them the space they need to roam and move around freely.

Respect the law

Alberta’s laws around outdoor recreation exist to ensure that everyone has a safe, enjoyable time and to ensure that our wilderness areas remain beautiful and vibrant for generations to come.

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