Putting the “MOVES” on Summer

Summer is in full swing, and Albertans are making the most of it. It’s time for fun in the sun, drinks on patios, trips to lakes and pools, and barbeques. Even so, everyday decisions have impacts on the environment and affect the quality of the air we breathe. We all share responsibility for clean air and ensuring healthy communities and ecosystems. Luckily, there are many things you can do to move with the air in mind this summer, whether out on a road trip or enjoying a staycation!

Move yourself using human-powered transportation.

Move smart using fuel efficient practices when driving.

ExhaustThere are a number of factors to consider when you’re out driving that can be adjusted to both conserve fuel and give back a little to the environment around you while you’re at it!

  • Remove roof racks: If you’ve managed to fit your luggage into your car and still have the roof racks installed, consider removing them! They cause unnecessary drag and doing so could save you as much as 20 per cent in fuel costs!
  • Crack the windows: While taking a drive down to the lake, rather than running the air conditioner for the entire trip, crack open a window from time to time. The highway speeds will get the air moving just as quickly.
  • Stretch your legs: When making a pit stop at a fast food joint, skip the drive thru and go inside to grab a bite to eat. You can stretch your body and get the blood flowing again by going for a short walk.
  • Avoid idling: Any time you aren’t in traffic and your vehicle is idling, consider shutting the engine off altogether.

So now that you’ve arrived at your destination, or maybe you’re taking a staycation and you’ve decided to explore your city, what are some other ways to take the environment around you into account while staying active?

  • Ride your bike: Check out some local bike routes. Many cities are improving access and mobility for cyclists in metro areas, but don’t forget to look into rural roads, paths and trails as well!
  • Take public transit: Try taking a bus on your day trip to do errands.
  • Explore: Consider taking the scenic route while you’re out and about and explore shopping locations you haven’t looked at before. You may find a new preferred store!

shutterstock_390767464Keeping the air in mind is something that everyone spending time outdoors can do, especially at this time of year when forest fires in Alberta and surrounding provinces are adversely affecting our air quality. It’s worth downloading the Air Quality Health Index app in order to always stay on top of the current air quality status in Alberta.

So while you’re out enjoying the weather and the beautiful environment around you, take some time to consider ways you can be conscious of it and give back a little at the same time!

For more ways you can move with the air in mind, check out our 30-day clean air challenge!

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