Winter is coming – and so are the energy efficiency rebates

IMG_5500Albertans bracing for colder months will have help lowering their utility bills, thanks to another round of in-store rebates on energy-efficient products.

A new campaign runs from Sept. 28 to Oct. 29 offering instant rebates of up to $25 for outdoor timers for block heaters and holiday lights, programmable thermostats and many other energy-efficient products.

Winter is coming. And a simple device like an outdoor timer, which is one of the rebated products, can make life better for many of us. A block heater warms a vehicle’s engine to start reliably on those coldest mornings. Buying a timer for that block heater and setting it for as little as 2 hours before your car needs to start will save you time and money. There’s no idling needed and you’ll get 10 – 25 per cent better fuel economy, and less greenhouse gas emissions.IMG_5506

Timers are also useful for decorating your home for the holidays, to ensure you don’t leave your lights on all night. Turn your outdoor lights and electronic devices on and off at desired times daily. Simply set it and forget it.

There are so many ways we can save energy and put those dollars back in the pockets of Albertans.

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan includes a commitment to invest all revenue from the carbon levy into Alberta’s economy, including investment in Energy Efficiency Alberta, a new public agency that will deliver energy efficient and community energy system programs to Albertans. Government moved forward on delivering four initial programs, one of which is the Residential Retail Products program. This program offers incentives for energy efficient appliances and other energy-saving products through participating retailers and contractors. For more information check

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