Gobble up your turkey and pie at an Alberta Provincial Park

For many Albertans, Thanksgiving weekend is a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy one another’s company and a hearty meal! This year, why not escape to a provincial park and have your Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by Alberta’s autumn splendor?IMG_5447

Come for the day, and enjoy a fresh air picnic, serve a feast from your RV, or setup your tent and try some new campfire recipes. Many of Alberta’s beautiful parks are offering extended camping this fall.

Fall_FacebookBefore dinner rolls around, spend your day outside. Relax with a good book at your campsite surrounded by the golden leaves of autumn. Go for a family hike or mountain bike ride. The crunch of leaves on the trail and the fresh crisp air will sharpen your appetite for whatever feast awaits!

Camping on Thanksgiving frees you to try a new twist on your usual family favourites. Why not try deep frying the bird or cooking it over the grill, or try this Thanksgiving in a Bowl recipe for a no-fuss camping Thanksgiving dinner.018A8038

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert, right? This year, try a campfire dessert recipe! They look super-simple to make, and there’s something really satisfying about eating a pie you just cooked for yourself over a campfire.

Instead of slipping into a post-turkey coma on the couch, tell ghost stories around the campfire, search the dark night sky to locate the big dipper, toast some campfire pies and sip pumpkin spice hot chocolate under a blanket of stars.

We have just the Alberta Parks spot for you and your loved ones to start a new Thanksgiving tradition. And while you’re celebrating, don’t forget to give thanks for our wonderful outdoors!


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