Popular energy efficiency program expanded to help food services sector

Energy efficiency programs are one way we are working to make life better for Alberta businesses and organizations, saving them money and energy. Businesses, non-profits and institutions are getting more support with the expansion of an already popular energy efficiency rebate program.


Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business Non-profit and Institutional (BNI) program offers incentives to help organizations reduce their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions through new technologies. The program provides rebates to organizations that switch to energy-efficient products. Inefficient equipment is replaced to reduce emissions, lower utility bills and save money—money that can be reinvested into other areas.

As of the end of December 2017, more than 1,200 organizations participated in the program, with organizations receiving a total of $3.5 million rebates, or an average of $2,600 per project.

Rebates are now available for an additional 23 energy efficient technologies. Lighting, water heating and HVAC categories have been expanded as well as new product categories added to the food services and hospitality sector. This includes energy-efficient commercial appliances and refrigeration products.

Rebate amounts were also increased for certain HVAC measures to better reflect the price of products in the Alberta market.

Annual caps increased from $60,000 to $100,000 per site ID and additional funding will be available for new project applications and for currently pre-approved applications to complete work by March 31, 2018. Updates also include a refined application process and pre-approval application timeframes have been shortened from 12 to six months.

This energy and cost savings program is funded by the Government of Alberta.

For more details on the expanded BNI program and information about other programs that can help Albertans save energy and money, visit www.efficiencyalberta.ca.

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