The campdown is over – the May long weekend is finally here!

Albertans are eager to get outside and shake off the memory of a long, cold winter. But before you pack up the tent, load the kids and dog into your family vehicle and hit the road for a memorable long weekend adventure, here are a few friendly tips and reminders to keep in mind.

Nature is unpredictable, and your equipment can unexpectedly fail, so planning ahead is the key to an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Safe travels:

Get outside:30044222902_837f45f30a_z

  • Alberta’s 250 provincial campgrounds are ready to receive visitors for the 2018 season. Still looking for a campsite or a day-use area? Check out
  • Be aware of liquor and fire bans; nine provincial campgrounds have liquor bans this weekend.
  • Before you head out on a hike, check for advisories, trail conditions and any closures.
  • Respect the land and know the rules and regulations around random camping on public lands.
  • Albertans share the landscape with wildlife, so be bear and cougar smart and help keep wildlife wild.

Get wet:

Know the rules:

Don’t play with fire:

  • Check for fire bans and restrictions at Alberta Parks and across the province before striking a match.
  • Don’t let a campfire get out of control. Even a small campfire can potentially become a dangerous and unmanageable wildfire.
  • When extinguishing your fire – Soak it, stir it and soak it again. Remember: If the coals are too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.
  • Don’t use the great outdoors as your ashtray. If you smoke, please dispose of your cigarette butts safely.
  • For up-to-the-minute fire information, download the Government of Alberta’s free wildfire app. Please note this app does not show fire bans in Alberta’s provincial parks system.
  • Call 310-FIRE to report a wildfire in the Forest Protection Area.


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