Alberta’s Amazing Buffet of Fishing – All you can fish… within the regulations

Alberta anglers have diverse skills and desires when it comes to searching for their next big catch! From expert fly-fishermen, using only hand-tied flies suitable for art galleries, to kids using a Snoopy rod and reel set to catch their first rainbow trout from a stocked pond, this province offers a buffet of options for anglers to enjoy.

Meeting multiple needs can often be quite a tough one to reel in for fisheries biologists, who face several trade-offs between effective regulations, quality of fishing, and number of anglers on each waterbody. Given Alberta’s cold climate and low number of lakes and rivers, these trade-offs are a biological and social necessity that need to be tackled.

Alberta’s fisheries biologists aren’t wading around, they’ve cooked up a wide array of fishing opportunities and options to choose from – just like your favourite smorgasbord!

Your hankering may take you fishing close to home at a river bank, where you don’t mind sitting next to other anglers and don’t expect to catch a bucket full of tasty fish. Or perhaps you want a chance to catch a huge fish-of-the-summer at a lake but, of course, don’t expect to harvest that old-age beauty! Or maybe you just want a simple fish for dinner from a nearby stream but again, don’t expect to catch a whopper. The selection of fisheries in the province will definitely fill your plate and be able to offer you seconds!  Just decide what kind of fishery you want, and pair it with the right lake or river, and always remember that trade-offs… or trading bites will have to happen.

Similar to your favourite restaurant, every region in Alberta has selections of certain styles or types of fisheries – biologists refer to this as “Fisheries Management Objectives”. Check out the infographic below that describes some of the different opportunities Alberta has to offer. Although, it is a tricky choice to select what objective goes with what lake to make the perfect pairing, these decisions aren’t made alone as biologists work to consult as openly and widely as possible. Having a full and diverse menu of opportunities means that Alberta anglers get the best of all worlds, just not all at the same place and the same time!

fishing infographic 1

Alberta has one of the top rated fisheries buffets, an all you can fish style, but within the regulations! If you are looking to plan your next trip, decide what kind of fishery you’re yearning for and check out our new interactive menu. This menu (well… map) is part of a new initiative Alberta Environment and Parks is casting out to encourage Albertans to try out some reel local fishing opportunities and discover Alberta’s fish!

Check out all of the details, including the interactive map highlighting opportunities near you in this 5-star province!

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