First time hunting in Alberta? Here’s what you need to do before applying for a licence.

This blog series talks about safe & sustainable hunting in Alberta. Check out a list of all the topics in the series here. Last week, we looked at the Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) system in Alberta. According to its wildlife … Continue reading

Be BearSmart this hunting season

Hunting in bear country this fall? Bear attacks are rare, but as our outdoor pursuits take us further into bear territory, encounters have become more common.  This can have unfortunate consequences for both the bears and people involved.  Doing everything … Continue reading

Science guides policies and actions in Alberta’s Eastern Slopes

When Albertans think about the Rocky Mountains, we inherently think of the wild, rugged mountain landscape that always leaves us wanting more. Hiking those rigid mountain peaks, jumping into those cold glacial lakes, and waking up to fresh mountain air … Continue reading

Promoting Conservation with Parks and Wildlife Ventures Land Holdings

Many Albertans may be surprised to learn that Imrie Park is, technically speaking, not a provincial park. Located a half-hour drive northwest of Edmonton, it’s a beautiful natural area with camping opportunities, a picnic area, groomed trails and places to … Continue reading