Celebrate our vast, complex, interconnected, beautiful environment

For the past 45 years, Canadians have marked the week of June 5 as Environment Week and taken the opportunity to talk about being green – but why do we do it?


Our environment isn’t just the air we breathe and the water we drink, it’s the plankton that provide oxygen, it’s the bats that reduce pest species, and it’s the worms that make the soil more fertile. It’s a complex web of relationships between all the life with which we share the planet Continue reading

Larvae leave leafless aspen in their wake

They are called aspen defoliators – and if you have been out in some of our forests this year, you may have seen the aftermath of their work. Continue reading

Sprucing up the Legislature Grounds for the Holidays

Xmas Tree 2015Choosing which tree will shine bright at the Legislature grounds over the Christmas season is no easy task! Gary Smith and the warehouse team from the Edson Wildfire Management Area are those responsible and they started their lookout for the perfect tree months ago—almost twelve months ago to be exact, right after they dropped off the 2014 Christmas tree! Continue reading

Safe burning is always in season

HighLevel_ComplexFires-3845Another fire season has come to an end, bringing with it cooler temperatures, shorter days, and even the dreaded S-word: snow.

It might surprise you, but these things don’t mean wildfires won’t start. In fact, those crunchy leaves kids like to jump in? They’re perfect fuel for a wildfire, helping it to spread quickly through dry grass and autumn debris.

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Alberta Wildland Firefighting Adventures – Ending Fire Season on a High Note

The Edson Unit Crew just wrapped up our most memorable experience of the fire season where we went down to Idaho to assist with the wildfires burning in the state. It was definitely the highlight! After having our southern neighbours up earlier this summer to help with Alberta’s wildfires it was great to return the favour. Continue reading

Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – Saying Goodbye to Rappel Firefighter Jamie

As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start to change colour, the wildfire season comes to a close for me. I always feel mixed emotions as the fire season ends. While I am excited to see what winter will bring – to see friends and family again, and to unpack the bag I have been living out of for the past eight months – there are many things I will miss about this season. I will miss rappelling, working with helicopters, fighting wildfires and traveling, but the one thing I will miss most are the interactions with my crewmates and coworkers.

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Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – Saying Goodbye to Your Boy Troy

The Alberta wildfire season is quickly nearing its end and has left me with many things to think about. Not just a reflection of the season itself, which was awesome, but an opportunity to look to the future. Continue reading

Alberta’s Hazy, Crazy Fire Season Isn’t Over Yet!

Smoke from wildfires in Washington drift into the capital region – August 27, 2017

Smoke from wildfires in Washington drift into the capital region – August 27, 2017

Wildfire smoke seemed like a permanent fixture in Alberta this summer. In May, smoke from wildfires in the province impacted communities and industry. In July, a mix of wildfire smoke from British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and wildfires right here in Alberta covered most of the province. Again in August, wildfires in Washington smoked out south and central parts of Alberta. From highway closures to health concerns, Albertans have been feeling the impacts from wildfire smoke. You can track smoke forecasts here.

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Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – Three things wildland firefighters do when not on the fireline

This fire season has been extremely busy across the province for Alberta wildland firefighters, but what do we do when there is little to no fire activity in Alberta?

If there is limited fire activity in Alberta3F6A0624-2 we can be exported to provinces and countries experiencing significant fire activity. Likewise they share firefighters with Alberta when needed, which we witnessed earlier this season. Within the past month, the wildfire hazard and fire activity across Alberta has decreased allowing the province to send wildland firefighters to Northwest Territories and the United States assisting in both Idaho and Montana. I have never been on an export out of the province but for the lucky few it is an unforgettable experience. Continue reading

Alberta Wildland Firefighter Adventures – A Ring of Fire

Troy 2Sometimes with a job like this it’s hard to find love. I can see why that is. It’s about finding that one person who understands that you’re gone, and have to split time with your crew.  Well this blog isn’t about me, but about the woman that loves me – job and all. Let me give you a bit of background on our relationship.

Scarlett and I have been married for about a year now and have been together a total of six years.  Time flies when you’re having fun! We’ve had our troubles like other couples, but she puts up with me and supported me when I decided to make wildland fighting my career about five years ago. I’m sure you’re wondering how she puts up with me and my crazy job…who better to tell you than my wife herself?

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