Join the 30-day challenge to MOVE with the air in mind

We all have to move to get to work and wherever we recreate. Why not move in ways that improve health, promote safety, save money and maintain air quality?


Starting June 7, Albertans are encouraged to move with the air in mind once a day for 30 days. It could be as simple as walking to the library and borrowing a book on air or reducing idling time by parking and going inside instead of using a drive-thru. When these daily activities become habits and lots of people do them, everyone benefits. You can move on your own or with your family, coworkers, friends or teammates on your way to work, play, home or on a road trip.

Move yourself using human-powered transportation.
Move smart using fuel efficient practices when driving.

Check back daily or follow us on Twitter. We will be adding challenges each day for the next 30 days!

June 25 – Challenge #19

Move with the air in mind!

Bike to a park and have a picnic.

June 24 – Challenge #18

Mend your fuelish ways – avoid carrying unnecessary weight!

Remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle. The less weight in your vehicle, the less fuel your engine will need.

June 23 – Challenge #17

Mend your fuelish ways – maintain a steady speed!

Be consistent with your speed. Consider using cruise control for highway driving. Where traffic patterns permit, allow your speed to drop when you travel uphill, then regain your momentum as you roll downhill.

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Celebrate our vast, complex, interconnected, beautiful environment

For the past 45 years, Canadians have marked the week of June 5 as Environment Week and taken the opportunity to talk about being green – but why do we do it?


Our environment isn’t just the air we breathe and the water we drink, it’s the plankton that provide oxygen, it’s the bats that reduce pest species, and it’s the worms that make the soil more fertile. It’s a complex web of relationships between all the life with which we share the planet.

It’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees.

Because the environment is so vast and complex, every action we take can’t help but to affect the environment in some way, large or small. Every road we build separates one ecological niche from the next, every tree we plant might cast shade over a patch of grass, and every boat we paddle sends ripples across the lake.

Environment Week is an opportunity to think about the consequences of what we do, and to make good environmental choices.

If you’re wondering about how you can reduce your impact on the environment by conserving energy, visit – you can even save money through rebate programs.

If you’re considering how you can reduce your water usage, visit for information and for tips.

If you want to try composting at home to reduce the amount of household waste material that ends up in the landfill, we have information about that at

All this week on our social media (AEP Twitter, and on Facebook at Respect The Land, My Wild Alberta and Alberta Parks), we’ll be posting environment-inspired materials. So follow us for fun facts, information and more as we celebrate our environment and celebrate making better choices for everyone!

Camping in Castle Provincial Park


If you’re looking for an amazing camping experience this summer, visit Alberta’s newest provincial park, Castle Provincial Park!

There are four excellent, but basic campgrounds are available at Beaver Mines Lake, Castle Bridge, Castle Falls and Lynx Creek. These have fire pits, vault toilets, garbage services and well graveled roads and camping pads. Recent investments this spring have improved pad size and most are rather spacious with privacy between sites. These are first-come, first-served sites. You fill out a permit and pay when you arrive.

Castle Provincial Park is also an ideal destination for campers looking for a more rugged experience, and if this is the direction you decide to go, there are a few things you need to know!

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May the long weekend be with you

The trees are turning green, the sun is shining and wildlife is migrating back to Alberta. The May long weekend is when many Albertans get out and enjoy the outdoors for the first time of the summer season. Here are a few friendly tips and reminders to help you make the most of this long weekend!

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New attraction wheels into Fish Creek Provincial Park!

Calgary’s first public mountain bike skills park is now open at Fish Creek Provincial Park. Built on a former empty field, the new space gives Albertans of all skills and ages the opportunity to try out mountain biking in an accessible, controlled environment.

Bike Skills Park 2

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Dressing and transporting your kill

This blog series is targeted towards first time hunters and focuses on safe and sustainable hunting in Alberta. Check out a list of all the topics in the series here. This is the fifth article in the series.

It’s extremely important to follow safe practices and procedures while hunting. While on a hunt, conditions can change rapidly and good safety practices can mean the difference between life and death. Make sure you’re prepared and have educated yourself before heading out.

There are a few things you need to know about how to dress and transport your kill so that you ensure the meat is usable.

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New Cast Members Needed


Help tip the scales of knowledge! It’s never too early (or late) to assist young visitors in identifying their catch.

Looking for a unique volunteer opportunity this year? Bow Habitat Station is currently recruiting to their team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers!

As a volunteer, you play a key role in supporting programs and initiatives at Bow Habitat Station that reach over 100,000 visitors each year. Whether it’s getting your feet wet in search of invertebrates in the Interpretive Wetland, helping a new angler learn to cast at the Trout Pond, or leading fish trivia with visitors in the Discovery Centre – there’s a little something for everyone!

Best of all, no prior knowledge of fish or fishing is required – we’ll do the training to ensure you’re set up for success! Of course, it is an added bonus for us when we can learn from you too.

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Meet Your AB Parks Ambassadors – Cecile B


It’s with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of one of our Alberta Parks Ambassadors, Cecile B. Cecile will be deeply missed. She was a true ambassador for inclusion and spent endless hours volunteering with Push to Open Nature; Adaptive Nature Challenges in Kananaskis and Drayton Valley; the Alberta Parks Ambassador Program as well as other volunteer organizations.

Since 2008 she has been helping Alberta Parks understand inclusion as an exercise in creating welcoming communities in nature. She didn’t just participate passively; she lead the way by being present and engaged, taking a risk to try new things, and providing thoughtful and eloquent reflection on all the experiences she was part of. She brought light and laughter to everything she did. Her spunky personality and amazing sense of humor always brought smiles to everyone around her. No matter how tough things got, Cecile charged life with grace and was a reminder that life is a precious gift and we must seize the day. Cecile’s memory will live on and she will be there with us on the trails where we find solace, the trees where we find shelter, and the wildflowers that bring us serenity. The idea that “everyone belongs outside” was made more meaningful thanks to the perspective Cecile added.

Alberta Parks Ambassadors are united by a common passion for all things Alberta Parks and a desire to share their experiences. This spring, 130 people applied to take part in the Ambassador Program and from those applicants 13 were chosen to bring their adventures to life for everyone to enjoy and to inspire people to have their own Alberta Parks experience.

Through this 13 part blog series, we will introduce your Alberta Parks Ambassadors and share what they’ve been up to this summer.

Flora finder: Cecile B


Cecile is a nature lover, who has been exploring the mountains with the introduction of adapted hiking equipment. One of her passions is to identify flora while hiking.  She has made it her goal to see as many of the “hidden” Alberta parks as possible. Continue reading

It’s family fishing weekend Alberta!

IMG_5448Fishy fun can be in store for everyone this weekend in Alberta as we celebrate the annual summer family fishing weekend July 9-10.

What is Family Fishing Weekend? It’s one of two weekends every year anyone can go fishing without a license. It’s is a great way to introduce your family and friends to fishing in Alberta without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Amazing Race Canada teams look to tip the scales in Calgary

TW-WadersThings got a bit fishy on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race Canada – and we mean that in the most literal sense. Now in its fourth season, the popular show’s second episode prominently features teams following clues leading them through the streets of Calgary, stopping at various sites including our very own Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery at Bow Habitat Station! Continue reading